Consumer Advocacy

When you purchase a product or service, you assume that it will be exactly as advertised — and that your purchase will not cause you significant harm or suffering. Unfortunately, fraud and negligence are common in a variety of industries and among businesses of all sizes. Many consumers are entirely unaware of their rights. They know even less about their ability to hold negligent and fraudulent businesses accountable.

The better you understand your rights as a consumer, the better your chances of achieving justice and securing remuneration. It is in your best interest to seek counsel from a trusted consumer advocacy attorney such as Mark Schlachet, who has successfully resolved a variety of consumer cases.

What Rights Do Consumers Enjoy?

Rules and regulations governing consumer rights vary significantly from one state to the next, but certain principles apply throughout the nation. In general, consumers should expect the products they purchase to be reasonably safe if used as directed. Cars with defective equipment and toys with unexpected hazards can both be considered unsafe, and thus, infringing on the rights of consumers.

Consumers also enjoy the right to be informed; they should be presented with enough information to help them make the best possible decision. If issues arise with products or services, consumers have the right to be heard. If a product proves faulty or advertising is misleading, they should be able to contact appropriate government authorities without fearing repercussions from the accused company.

Consumer Protection Laws In Ohio

In the state of Ohio, over two dozen consumer protection laws are enforced by the Attorney General. State regulations regarding consumer protection include the Consumer Sales Practices Act, the Defective Assistive Devices Act, and the Nonconforming New Motor Vehicle Law (also known as Ohio’s Lemon Law). If you believe that a business has failed to abide by one of these laws, you are encouraged to get in touch with a consumer advocacy attorney.

Mark Schlachet: Passionate Defense Of Your Consumer Rights

Mark Schlachet believes that all consumers should be aware of their rights, as well as their responsibility to report those who fail to uphold those rights. If a particular commerce practice makes you feel uncomfortable, it is imperative that you let someone know. Consider reaching out to Mark Schlachet for a personal consultation. He can help you hold commercial wrongdoers accountable.