Business Bankruptcy/Chapter 11 Services: Law Offices of Mark Schlachet

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy businesses can file when they wish to remain open while still enjoying the protections of bankruptcy court. Under Chapter 11, the business will reorganize in order to pay down debts more effectively, while still remaining open. This gives the business some breathing room as it moves forward, trying to dig out from under the burden of debt. The Law Offices of Mark Schlachet offers comprehensive bankruptcy services for businesses, including assistance in filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.

Consumer Advocacy Services: Law Offices of Mark Schlachet

When you purchase a product or service, you assume that it will be exactly as advertised -- and that your purchase will not cause you significant harm or suffering. Unfortunately, fraud and negligence are common in a variety of industries and among businesses of all sizes. Many consumers are entirely unaware of their rights. They know even less about their ability to hold negligent and fraudulent businesses accountable.