Seeking to Implement the Rule of Law

The Law Offices of Mark Schlachet is a reputable law firm known for its range of consumer advocacy, commercial litigation and bankruptcy services. The firm is a top resource for consumers and businesses located in Ohio and New York.

Service Area

The Law Offices of Mark Schlachet is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Although he primarily serves clients residing in the Cleveland area and throughout the state of Ohio, Mark Schlachet is a member of the New York Bar and represents clients in New York. Clients in both states enjoy high-quality, client-oriented representation from an attorney with an impressive reputation.

Practice Areas

Mark Schlachet is dedicated to fighting for the rights of his valued clients, many of whom have been harmed by misleading advertising and defective products. He has a long history of success as a consumer advocacy attorney, having settled multiple class action lawsuits. He believes that all consumers should be aware of their rights — and that they should not be afraid to speak up when those rights are denied.

In addition to class action lawsuits, Mark Schlachet handles complex commercial and bankruptcy cases. His firm’s focus is chapter 11 bankruptcy, which allows for the reorganization of personal or business debts and hosts “claw back” proceedings such as preference litigation.  He is sensitive to the unique needs of his clients, which he prioritizes as he helps them make necessary arrangements with Debtors and creditors.


Loyalty and professionalism are qualities Mark Schlachet holds dear and aims to exhibit in all his work as a consumer advocacy attorney. He is honest to a fault — he believes that it is important for his clients to be told exactly what they need to hear, and not simply what they wish to hear.

Passionate Counsel and Representation At The Law Offices of Mark Schlachet

From consumer advocacy to chapter 11 bankruptcy, Mark Schlachet is determined to guide his clients through difficult legal situations. He understands the confusion his clients’ experience, as well as the high stakes nature of their legal concerns. He has a long history of success in multiple practice areas and is thus the perfect representative to consult as you seek to take on the complex legal systems of Ohio and New York. Get in touch with Mark Schlachet today to learn more about his legal approach and the types of cases handled at his esteemed law firm.

The Law Offices of Mark Schlachet, located at 3515 Severn Road in Cleveland, Ohio, is competently run by Mark Schlachet himself although, where appropriate, he joins forces with significant law firms throughout the country.  He prides himself working to educate consumers through advertising, causing them to be sensitive to wrongdoing. His rule of thumb is: “If you are uncomfortable with a practice in commerce, tell someone!”  He employs strong values of loyalty and full disclosure and serves the wide practice areas of New York and Ohio.